pasta and clams

March 15, 2011

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We try to be good this time of year. The sun is back, and after the kick in the pants that is daylights savings, pale and clammy Alaskans start creeping out of our dens. I exaggerate, but it really is a strange season in the north country. It’s still been below zero at night, and all the daylight takes some getting used to. Our winterized skin cringes even as we luxuriate in the radiance.  Skiing at 15 degrees on a bluebird day will give you a good sunburn, especially with the reflection off the snow. Perhaps it’s the quickening of the season, but this is not supposed to be the time of year to be gleefully twirling great gobs of pasta up on your fork. Hell, we’ve been doing that and worse all winter, and many of us are still working off the winter weight – cold, snowy nights that are 20 hours long don’t lead to much restraint at the dinner table. Or after dinner for that matter. But after a long day skiing over rough spring crust, this is a quick and easy way to wind down the evening.
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merry christmas

December 25, 2008

Aunt(!) Amy, a fine all-round person and gourmet extraordinaire came up with these. The father mixes, the partner knocks ’em back, and I get to watch the aftermath. the woowoo 1 oz peach schnapps 2 oz vodka .5 oz rose’s lime juice .5 oz tonic Shake with ice, and serve with a twist Enjoy slowly […]

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May 11, 2008

The thermometer on the rooftop weather station (yes, we take it that seriously) reads 76 degrees in the full sun. I suspect the nominal temperature is closer to 60, but the high reading makes it feel warmer than it is. It is 8 pm, and there are several hours before sunset, 10:30 tonight, according to […]

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rosemary-port reduction

May 9, 2008

It was long winter by anyone’s standards. Some of us are still hoarding chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs leftover from Easter, enjoying the extra sunshine, and dubiously acknowledging that it is finally spring in Alaska. Friday before last, Old Man Winter lashed out one last time, dropping 24 inches of snow onto Anchorage. April 2008 […]

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oeufs plats jambon et fromage

February 9, 2008

Sunday morning rises crisp, cold, and clear. It is 14 degrees below zero at my house, and I am not an early riser: It’s 9:15 before the sun starts to clear the Chugach mountains and lights up Anchorage below. The mercury starts to tick upwards, but not quickly enough. I should not complain about the […]

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