March 26, 2006

blood oranges

Ever notice that we eat the simplest stuff in the morning? A perfect breakfast takes five minutes to cook, and that’s moving groggily because you aren’t awake. If you have fresh fruit it takes even less time. Peel, slice and eat. When I was a kid at summer camp the counselor used to call orange juice “liquid sunshine” in hopes of enticing sleepy kids out of the cabins and to the mess hall. That’s always stuck, and I can’t hardly smell an orange and not think about the warm sunlight trapped inside. Just the thing for these early spring mornings. On these sunny and warm spring weekends our favorite thing to do has been coffee and newspaper, hopefully in the sunshine at the kitchen table. It’s Alaska, and is not quite warm enough for it, but we leave the sliding doors open for fresh air and the extra BTUs of sunlight, until our toes get cold. You can just (almost) sit on the deck if the air is quiet, but it is April and still below freezing early in the day. Thirty degrees is a lot warmer in April with twelve hours of daylight than it is in December with only four.

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