April 1, 2006


Back to the simple motif, and breakfast. I do most of my cooking in the evenings, as I suppose most of us kitchen-types do, but the weekend mornings hold such promise that I want good food then, too. This even though I am a bit of a lazy sybarite by nature and late evenings leave no hours the next morning for kitchen calisthenics. Thank god/allah/falwell/whomever for the lowly egg. Even by itself it can be perfect, if by itself you mean with a little salt and butter. Add a few bits most of us have floating around the pantry, and it gets even better on a lazy Sunday morning. There are lots of options with egg dishes, but the ones I generally get into end up as omelets or frittatas, the difference being that the former is folded over the ingredients and the latter has them mixed in and is finished in the oven. No recipe is needed for this kind of thing – in an oven-proof pan add:

3-4 eggs, lightly beaten
1/4 cup of cream
a bit of cooked sausage or bacon
a bit of minced onions
some chopped fresh herbs
a bit of grated cheese

Pour it all into a warm pan with bit of olive oil. Swirl to set the edges and then bake for 15 minutes or till the top is firm. The eggs will rise and fluff with air while in the oven. Slice and serve.

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