April 1, 2006

pastry pizza!

We purchased raw pizza dough from the local brewhouse/pizzeria place last weekend, and then I proceeded to muck it up with too many toppings. In many things, I am learning that simple is better. I used to buy the raw dough a lot, often enough that the lady behind the counter stopped thinking I was a weird cheapskate and would know what I wanted when I walked in. Usually rolling it out and adding just a bit of pesto, chicken, and fontina or mozzarella would do, but this time there were three of us and I was trying too hard to please everyone. With too much on top, the dough won’t rise and the ingredients don’t really meld into a tasty unit. After reading more about pizza done right here and here, and about seeing a post about puff pastry here, I got to thinkin’. Rarely a good thing, but still, it is good to try new things. This pizza was light and crisp – heating the sauce and sausage a bit before adding them probably helped, as did using a pizza stone and heating the oven at maximum broil for almost an hour ahead of time. Still, the pastry crust was just that – pastry. The taste was good but the texture was off. Pretty but not much substance, kinda like a politician. Still waiting for that Kitchenaid mixer.

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