easter huevos

April 16, 2006


Sunday morning breakfast – it occurred to me as I groped for coffee and juice that it was Easter, and I should at least cook something special. The dogs were restless and I got a chill from being towed by them around the neighborhood. Spring is coming hard but winter is stubborn this year. Yesterday we had tried to fish but the lines kept freezing up on our fly rods. As I warmed up over a pot of thick French-pressed coffee and the Sunday paper, it was apparent that a spicy breakfast was in order. There were makings leftover from a meal earlier, and I just needed to arrange them right. Bacon and Mexican food don’t seem to go together very well but pork certainly does. I rubbed a chop with garlic and cumin, browned it quickly on each side and set it in the oven to finish slowly. Three eggs lightly beaten with a bit of cream I set aside to come to room temperature. Mixed corn and black beans with diced peppers, onion, and cilantro. Another pinch of cumin, a bit of sugar and the juice from a lime. I’m not sure I’ve found anything yet that this salsa doesn’t work with. A tortilla toasted in an iron skillet and an avocado sliced thin and salted finished things off – time for the eggs. Scrambled eggs are easy but seldom cooked properly. Impossible to get served right at a restaurant (who pays for scrambled eggs, anyway?) because they must be the last thing on the plate and eaten immediately. They should literally finish cooking with residual heat as they cool in front of you. I lightly beat mine with a bit of cream and pour into a warmish pan with a bit of melted butter, using a wide spatula fold them over on themselves. You don’t want the heat up enough to crisp the edges and you don’t want to turn it into a fritatta or omelet by letting them rest too long in one place in the pan. I scooped mine onto the plate and topped them with a bit of cheese, salt and ground pepper. A good morning.

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