May 4, 2006

Partner Tricia and I spent the end of April playing on the East Coast, participating in a serious Southern wedding, visiting family, and checking my old stomping grounds. I had forgotten how much of a place’s identity can get wrapped up in what I’ve eaten while there. On those rate occasions when I miss the university life, I’m actually pining away for Parker’s BBQ, shrimp po’boys at Cubbie’s, for whatever-that-stuff-was that Chico’s insisted was Sangria, chicken gyros at Omar’s….the list could get long. On this trip we didn’t even make it to Greenville, but in Athens, GA we got to sample “local & sustainable food” at the Farm 255 in. Another great find was a place in Athens called Big City Bread, with possibly the greatest springtime patio in the South Found fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at 2:30 in the morning, ate enormous plates of pork barbecue in Salisbury, NC. I inadvertently discovered that The Pines in tiny Sparta, VA serves all three kinds of salad – potato, chicken, and macaroni – on one plate. Yes, we pretty much ate our way across the south, and this listing doesn’t even include the cooking we did with family. It was good to be home, or at least be where I am from and with my people. Still sorting through the hundreds of pictures, but I’ll tack a few up here shortly.

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