May 20, 2006

So birthday number 35 came and went, but the birthday fairy did leave leave behind a Cuisinart panini griddle. One of those things I have perhaps coveted, but never thought to buy for myself. Not only did I get a sandwich press, my partner Tricia (aka the Birthday Fairy) had prepped a great plate of tasty goodness to build sandwiches with. I had my first real panini in Vancouver a few years ago, a cheap street-vendor mashup. Still, it was quite good and I liked how the simple the act of pressing and heating a bit of cheese, salami, and fresh basil between a few slices of real bread could be more than the sum of its parts.


Our maiden pressing (I refuse to type panini any more because it’s starting to look funny…) involved ciabatta, smoked mozzarella, Parmesan, a bit of prosciutto, and some fresh basil-cilantro pesto. Brushing the bread with a drizzle of olive oil gave it a nice greasy crunch. I’ve used the griddle since for bruschetta, and it also came with flat-cast heating surfaces so I imagine it will be useful for slinging eggs, bacon, and pancakes on Sunday mornings.

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