May 23, 2006


You were warned: spring is a busy time in Alaska, not to mention trying to eke out a living and remodel the house. So far suppers, our main meal of the day (and the ones I generally blather on about), this week have consisted of leftovers, a take-out pizza, meatloaf, and hamburgers. But they were good burgers, full of all those things that make the vegetarians and cardiologists bitter, jealous, and all shriveled inside. I guess this post isn’t far off the cheese sandwich mark, but so be it. These were also the first homemade burgers of the season, and the first on the new grill. Honestly, I can’t even present these as fancy burgers – there was no hand-made artisanal blue cheese layered in, no handpicked-unbruised sustainably grown avocados, no organic bacon from a pig whose lineage and dietary choices were carefully researched. Just weeknight burgers (from a plain old cow) and beers after a hard day. And they were good.

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