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December 8, 2006

The New York City Board of Health voted Tuesday to ban the use of all artificial trans fats at “food service establishments.” The ban will be forcibly remove trans fats from all restaurants over the next two years. So all of the national chains will be using the cheapest substitute they can find (if they haven’t already), but what will the independently-owned places be doing if their frying oil can’t have any partially hydrogenated oils in it? Bring on the cholesterol, bring on the butter. No one said anything about banning calories. Yet.

Chocolate and Zucchini has a great couple of posts up detailing what’s indispensable in a well-stocked French blogger’s kitchen. I probably would not have included the garlic press (I like the smell of garlic on my hands…), but the list is pretty complete without going over the top.

No one has accused the Bushes of being overly classy, in fact they fired the original White House chef for his “country club” food, but “Chicken Fried Beef Tenderloin” for the holidays? How festive.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a Bountiful Display of Lavish Specialty Crackers” before, either. I bet they’ll have plenty of cold Coors on hand. (via megnut)

Have you looked for your favorite restaurant or food on Flickr lately? There are 5,591 groups, as of today, devoted to food. Another 1,643 groups devoted to restaurants. Hell, a search for photos tagged with food porn returns 13,960 pictures in it all by itself. Now assuming that only half of those involve Thomas Keller in some way, that still leaves an awful lot of time to kill looking at shots of food. Wait till folks start taking pictures of everything they drink, too. Oh, wait

Last week’s Leftovers pointed out that Harold McGee, food scientist extraordinare, has a blog. This week Slashfood points out that he’s also penning a column for the NY Times entitled Curious Cooks.

The rest of the world probably already knows all about Jules, but Stone Soup is a recent discovery for me and well worth being added to your “everyday list.”

A McDonald’s closing because people are eating healthier? Yeah, but not in this country.

And to round things out, Papa John’s is the the customer’s choice in corporate pie: They got the “top rating among national pizza delivery and take-out chains in the Restaurants & Institutions’ Consumers’ Choice in Chains Survey.” Consumers rated over 120 national and regional restaurant chains on a variety of points: food quality, service, convenience, cleanliness, value, atmosphere, menu variety and reputation. Pizza Hut won the “Atmosphere” category. Huh?

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1 jules January 7, 2007 at

thanks for the kind comments and the link
i’m with you on the garlic press..

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