February 1, 2007


You may have noticed that Alaska Cooks has undergone a few changes lately. One could charitably say that we’ve been downright schizophrenic for a few weeks. After many late nights, wasted weekends, and an embarrassing amount of alcohol, our fine staff of programmers, coders, photographers, and writers have finally reached a consensus on a new layout, design, and some added functionality. It is safe to say at this point things are approximately 90% complete. A brief run through the new features:

  • The photo gallery is on line, growing daily, and available from the menu bar across the top of each page. Space for comments and criticism is maintained. A lot of these pictures cannot be said to have anything to do with the cooks part of this site, but most of them will fit the Alaska theme quite well.
  • The Alaska Cooks library is currently too large for its previous home (the 2nd shelf from the top on the den bookshelf) and a new organizational structure was required. Reviews of the collection are slowly being populated, but it is highly likely you could purchase, read, and memorize most of these by heart before the lazy and shiftless Alaska Cooks staff gets around to finishing reviewing all of them. The library can be accessed from the menu bar also.
  • Each post now has a few icons underneath it. One allows you, dear reader, the option of generating an easily printed page without all of the graphics and formatting. Makes it easy to print out recipes. The other icon enables a simple email form that can be used to forward posts to other cooks, to your mailbox, your mobile phone, etc.
  • Along the menu bar there’s also a new page for restaurant reviews. While this has been and shall be primarily a site about cooking, as opposed to just eating, Anchorage has a surprisingly high number of nice, or at least good, places to eat. We’ll be visiting those with liquor licenses in an effort to offer a clearer picture of the epicurial situation in and around Anchorage.
  • As always, thanks very much for reading. Looks like the library and photo links in the menu bar are only working in Firefox and not in Internet Explorer. We’ll be working on it. If you notice any more gremlins or glitches, please let our maintenance crew know.

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