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March 3, 2007

So you’d think that with a food production system that regularly fails and kills people might actually need some more oversight? Not so much.

The FDA is conducting half of the food safety inspections it did three years ago
Safety tests for U.S.-produced food are down nearly 75 percent in same period
The FDA has 12 percent fewer field office employees who focus on food issues than it did three years ago.

Maybe all those tax cuts are finally paying off…

This reporter was amazed that Whole Foods charges an arm and two legs for all that lovely prepared food they sell. Who possibly could have known that upscale markets are expensive?

Got rodent? Trust me, if you ever needed a reason to stay the hell away from fast food, this is it. My favorite part? The city of New York fired the health inspector that had given the restaurant a passing grade, just one day before.

Not news: The august and somewhat revered Frank Bruni, food critic for the New York Times, reviews a restaurant. News: In a strip club.

Interesting site debunking some common misperceptions from around the kitchen. Some silly, some not. via megnut

Périgord truffles. Daniel Boulud. And Tennessee fits in how?

My food site of the week: The Diary of the Food Whore. Lovely venom and observations from a commercial chef.

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