July 29, 2007

pintAlaska Cooks & Company are wandering through Ireland and France, basically attempting to eat our weight in cheese and baked goods. Please hang in there for another week or two – I’ll be back soon with tales and pictures.


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1 Christine (myplateoryours) July 29, 2007 at

Glad to hear. I keep checking in, hoping you hadn’t given up blogging. Eat some cheese for me.

2 mainyacha July 30, 2007 at

I just happened to your site today. Beautiful! I’ts so exciting to read about and see pictures of Alaska. It’s one place that I have wanted to visit. So much open space!

3 cd August 2, 2007 at

hurry back with some new european recipes. hello to you and T!


4 Cynthia August 3, 2007 at

Looking forward to your return.

5 Kate August 8, 2007 at

I see you have some photos posted from France. My favorite is “Ne pas toucher. Merci.” which loosely translates to “You Americans, keep your grimy paws off the fruit.”

Hope you had fun, look forward to hearing about it!

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