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le pichet

January 6, 2008

So maybe heading for one of the more popular restaurants in Seattle’s Belltown on Christmas Eve afternoon isn’t the brightest idea, but it worked out. We walked in and grabbed the only open table. Le Pichet is just up the street from Pike Place Market, and we had ridden the ferry over from Bremerton just […]

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be well

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all.

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beach food

August 20, 2007

It was 45 degrees and raining in Anchorage, and didn’t feel much like summer was almost here. We had left work early on Friday afternoon, trying to sneak out of town ahead of the Memorial Day weekend traffic. So had everyone else, and it was a long, slow ride down the Kenai Peninsula to Homer. […]

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July 29, 2007

Alaska Cooks & Company are wandering through Ireland and France, basically attempting to eat our weight in cheese and baked goods. Please hang in there for another week or two – I’ll be back soon with tales and pictures. jared

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spring omelette

May 9, 2007

Ever since I was finally turned loose upon the world as a college student, omelettes have been a favorite. Cheap and quick, completely up to the whim of the cook. I’ve flirted with lots of ingredients, and have found that less is more, and simple is better. Funny how that works out so often. The […]

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